We are all looking for bright sides and valuable lessons within our new daily patterns and accomplishments.  Perhaps home baking has been a new skill that you are exploring.  This popular stay-at-home activity has made ingredients like flour and yeast hard to procure.  Kennett Square Farmers Market to the rescue!  One of our newest market vendors Deer Creek Malthouse has all the ingredients you will need for a delicious and locally sourced foray into bread making.  They also make delicious beer, a perfect pairing for a relaxing afternoon of baking.


Deer Creek Malthouse offers baking ingredientshome-brewing ingredients and kits, craft foods and beverages – all made from 100% locally grown grain. Check out their online store here (10% off on all items if you create an account)

New product Alert: Malthouse Ale #13 open for pre-order! Experimental malthouse ale inspired by the India Pale Ale style produced with Keystone Pale barley malt, Pale Wheat Malt, and Toasted Oat malt.

From Deer Creek Malthouse – The Inspiration of the Week: Gear up for Some Sourdough Baking Bread, crackers, pancakes… You name it! Sourdough is back in town! Our premium quality grain and flour – All-purpose (white), Whole WheatSpelt, Rye,  and other less common grains  – produce great results, whether you are baking away with your favorite recipes or want to create your own sourdough starter from scratch. Don’t forget to check out our beer bread and heritage bread recipes!

Explore the Deer Creek website, sign up for newsletter and order ahead for easy pick up at the Friday, Kennett Square Farmers Market (3:30 – 6 pm in the parking lot of the Creamery of Kennett Square).

Direct all inquiries to: 717.746.6258 / markets@deercreekmalt.com