Get social, and stay connected!

Last week we asked some community members for their summer reading recommendations (see the updated list with new recommendations here). This week’s crowd-sourced feature is inspiring social media.

We asked some Kennett influencers for their top social media recommendations—those that inspire, provide solace or information, focus on social justice, or make them smile. Check these out while sitting by the pool, sipping a morning coffee, or even while waiting in a socially distanced line!


Estelle Tracy, Freelance Writer & Chocolate Sommelier:

I’m fond of Adrian’s Instagram account. Adrian Gibbs works at Genesis. He was one of the early Flickr’s users and posts gorgeous photos of nature on his account. He’s also a Black man who speaks a lot of about racism on his personal Facebook page.

Another account I follow is Jessica Mengliu’s. Jessica is a former UHS student who’s co-led the initiative to change the high school’s mascot and address racism from the staff. She’s going to Harvard Law School in the fall.


Heather Davulcu of April Heather Art @aprilheatherart loves:

The Farm at Oxford—her flowers make me happy!

And of course—Robert Jackson!


Katie Dubow, President, Garden Media Group:

LOVE @happycatfarm because he fills my feed with yummy signs of summer, tomatoes!

I love @workskennettsquare because I like to support local artisans and grab unique finds.

And of course @GardenMedia, my own business page, because we LOVE flowers and share our love with the world!


Adriana Fitzgerld, Bee Our Guest beeswax wraps and mask:

Inspirations include her husband Peter’s company @rockypictures 

Two art profiles  @andreacaceresg and @skinnylazycrazy

A natural eco dye company whose fabric will soon be added to the Bee Our Guest line up @scarabajo_botanico

Two instagram accounts with local ties, farmer Jessy @straberriemama and coffee organization founded by a local @thechaincollaborative


Mara, flower farmer extraordinaire from The Farm at Oxford:

The author of Farming While Black, Leah @soulfirefarm inspires me to keep going with the hard converstations,  Every time I visit her profile and dive into something she shares, I expand me horizons – learning more about the history of farming especially as related to BIPOC.


Veronica Chavez, currently working with the After-the-Bell Kennett Middle School program:

The Garage has done an extraordinary job at pivoting to a virtual format to continue to serve the community through their Supply Drive efforts and Summer Virtual Program, which is chock-full of fun activities for teens and tweens. Through these challenging times, it has been a much-needed source of positive news and a daily reminder of the good in our community.

During this time of social distancing, the Brandywine River Museum has filled my newsfeed with beautiful artwork, artist spotlights, and really fun art projects that I’ve enjoyed doing with my own children at home. Their “Museum Explorer” virtual program for children is really fantastic (and I really love that they always provide alternative options for families who may not have art supplies at home.)  The Brandywine Conservancy’s “Nature Moments” are a wonderful way to enjoy a few minutes of calm and get recharged to tackle the rest of my day.

As her Facebook account so accurately describes, Mary is “In Love with the Good” and it shows. Mary is my go-to for news and information about community organizations, and local people, businesses, and resources (that I may have otherwise missed). Mary is the Queen of Networking and brings people together for a common cause.  Plus I have been known to burst out in fits of laughter from one of Mary’s many hilarious and witty memes!

I have to give a special shout out to a wonderful organization that is near and dear to my heart, After-The-Bell. Through a redesigned website that offers over 30 virtual activities to Kennett Consolidated School District students, including robotics, science, STEM, cooking, art, and fitness classes, After-The-Bell took their program virtual so that it can continue to serve the wonderful families and students in our community. Along with their website, After-The-Bell’s Facebook page is a great resource that provides daily activities, weekly challenges, live events and more to help keep students engaged and learning throughout the summer.


Do you have a favorite social media profile or page you’d like to recommend? Please let us know!