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Kennett Square’s Art Stroll is a monthly celebration of the local art scene as it is showcased in the galleries, shops and restaurants throughout town.  The Art Stroll runs from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on the first Friday of each month. Celebrate the arts in vibrant downtown Kennett Square.  Please note, due the proximity to the Fourth of July holiday, this months art stroll will be somewhat constricted.

AFTER 5 p.m. on Friday, enjoy free parking anywhere in the PARKING GARAGE and at any street meter.

For more information about the art scene in Kennett Square check out the KennettArts facebook page.

Please join us for First Friday Art Stroll on September 6th from 6-9 pm

“Spaces & Faces”

Brad Earl
A Chester Springs, Pennsylvania resident for more than 30 years, Brad has enjoyed a lifelong career as an architect.  A self-taught artist, he began painting in 1994 taking as his subject slices of Americana – urban street scenes, roadside diners, old theater facades, and faded amusement parks.  The facades of movie houses, both past and present, continue to capture his attention and change character with the light and seasons.  Decidedly “architectural” in nature, his paintings are often infused with the feeling of a simpler time.  Brad participates in numerous juried regional art shows and his work can be found in private collections in the United States and London.  He continues to practice architecture and paints at every opportunity.
Zhanna Martin
Zhanna Martin portrays people’s emotions, expressions, and human nature through clay. Through clay busts, she evokes the human experience of smugness, carelessness, drunkenness, joy, sadness, melancholy, or sullenness, and shapes them into caricatures. Her intention is for the observer to find humor in her work, while recognizing the truth of the emotions expressed. To her, emotions are what makes us human, and facial expressions are the voices of those emotions. She uses clay to express her observations on the basic humanistic qualities that surround her and that surround us all.
Heather Lynn GibsonHeather Lynn Gibson graduated valedictorian from Hussian School Of Art in Philadelphia, with a split major in illustration and design. Her art career started with Walt Disney’s Animation Studio Florida, where she learned from some of the top artists in the field. Returning to her home state of New Jersey, Heather started her studio. As her art progressed, she gained more satisfied customers with her graphic design and illustration, such as Disney Design Group, Tyco Toys, and TD Bank.  Today, Heather is devoted to her fine art and utilizes her years of design expertise in her paintings. By choosing unique subject matter, unexpected point-of-view, or bold placement of elements on her canvas, she adds an inventive twist to each of her paintings. Heather’s art is fresh. Bright colors of the underpainting pop throughout her final work, as her brushwork, highlights the texture of the canvas. Heather also enjoys the freedom of ragged strokes near the boundaries of her work to show the potential viewers how the series of thought out strokes made the whole.
Linda Harris Reynolds
Nationally recognized portraitist, Linda Harris Reynolds has been creating memorable portraits for families and individuals for the past 29 years from her studio in historic Centreville, DE.  Working mostly in oils, pastels, and charcoals, Linda’s lively painting style serves to enhance the personality of her subjects and reflects a blending of classical realism and impressionism.  In April 2019 Linda received a Certificate of Excellence from the Portrait Society of America’s highly competitive annual international competition in Atlanta, GA, for her piece “The Traveler”, charcoal/chalk on paper (pictured above).
Kimberly Hoechst

Kim Hoechst began painting in 2006 when she decided to leave a corporate marketing career to do what she had always wanted to do — attend art school. She began by taking classes at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and was accepted into PAFA’s Certificate Program with a Merit Scholarship.
Kim now maintains a studio at Spring City Mill Studios in northern Chester County.  She is inspired by the interplay of light and shadow, and portraying this yin and yang is central to her work. Her paintings encompass a range of genres, but light and shadow are her true subject. Kim works mainly in oils because she loves their vibrancy and durability.  She uses a variety of surfaces such as copper, zinc, wood, and linen to optimally capture the light based on the composition and subject of each work.
Kim has participated in many juried shows and exhibitions in and around Philadelphia including PAFA, the Philadelphia Sketch Club, local art centers and the Delaware, Chester and Montgomery County Studio Tours.  She is on the Exhibitions Committee of the Wallingford CAC and a member of the Da Vinci Art Alliance.
Rhoda Kahler

The inspiration for Rhoda’s Alphabet City Series came from her trip to Spain a few years ago.  She explains:
“The idea came to me when we were driving through the countryside of the White Hill Towns, taking windy little roads past orchards of Olive and Cork trees, and shepherds tending to their sheep in the field.  Around bends in the road, we would come upon these little towns of block-like, lime-washed white buildings stacked into the side of a mountain.  Instantly, it reminded me of my collection of old Philadelphia printing press letters that I had rescued (for a small price) years ago at an antique market from the days of old typeset letters.  The similarity and association of these two very different things, both city and block letters, clicked in my brain!  I immediately began sketching the bucolic vistas while my husband was driving, I could not wait to put this inspiration into clay.  I have always had a love for texture and found objects, even as a child, I would collect random broken bits of once useful items that I would find on the ground or by the wayside…still today, I always find myself looking toward the ground, especially in parking lots…there is always interesting stuff there that I can usually toss into my car.  All of these random objects have a commonality….they have a good feel and a good texture.  So, needless to say, when you open up my box of clay tools, you will find broken hangers, old parts of a typewriter, screws, disassembled pens, lipstick caps, salad tongs, and so much more!  I finally have a use for all these objects and they tell a story stamped into clay and all together, create beautiful art.”

Robert Jenkins
Robert Jenkins was raised in Southern Chester County and currently resides in Oxford, Pennsylvania. Robert received his BFA from Kutztown University in 2009 and went on to receive his MFA from Penn State University in 2012. For the past several years, Robert’s work has been primarily focusing on urban landscapes of old buildings that were once operational and delicate insects. Watercolor is the perfect medium for Robert’s work because it allows him to create smooth, fluid color and gives the paintings the deep hues and patterns that mimic those you would encounter within these structures. The purpose of Robert’s paintings is to get the viewer involved in the exploration of the unique places his work documents. The intricate detail and raw feel of nature are meant to engage the viewer in a way that gives them an appreciation for the past while also serving as authentic documentation of their termination.
Jack Gianguilio

Jack Gianguilio grew up in Delaware County but has resided in Chester County for the past 20 years.  His watercolors reflect his observations from the New Jersey shore to the rural areas of Chester County and beyond.  His work ranges from semi-representational to abstract and everything in between.
Kevin Cummins
Etching is a very mechanical but creative process that mixes line, texture, and tone.  Kevin has enjoyed etching for the past 30 years, studying at the Abington Art Center and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia and maintaining a studio in Chester Springs, PA.   His subject matter is primarily the landscape in its many forms, the city, the rural areas and every place in between.  Kevin is a member of The Print Center in Philadelphia, the Society of American Graphic Artists and the Boston Printmakers.   His work is included in many public and private collections.
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