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Kennett Square’s Art Stroll is a monthly celebration of the local art scene as it is showcased in the galleries, shops and restaurants throughout town.  The Art Stroll runs from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on the first Friday of each month. Celebrate the arts in vibrant downtown Kennett Square.

Enjoy the work of 50 local and regional artists across all mediums in an invitational art exhibit, as well as gallery and studio openings and special art events around town throughout the weekend.

AFTER 5 p.m. on Friday, enjoy free parking anywhere in the PARKING GARAGE and at any street meter.

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Please join us for First Friday Art Stroll  June 7th from 6-9 pm

“Into the Deep”

“In one drop of water are found all the secrets of the ocean”  — Khalil Gibran

“Beneath the Surface” by Lisa Budd
Lisa Budd
When Lisa paints watercolor on Yupo, a synthetic paper, she says it is like putting on a pair of roller skates:  everything is in motion and she feels a little out of control.  But the amazing effects and textures that can be achieved while mixing wet into wet are worth taking the plunge.
She works with regular tube watercolor paints, and because the paper is non-absorptive, there is a lot more mixing time before the paint dries, so she can remove paint to get back to the white paper.  She begins by pouring different colors, tilting the paper to create a sense of movement. As the paint begins to dry, she finds the fish by wiping away paint with a damp brush.   The results are different every time, and that is what she finds so intriguing.  Every time she begins painting, she tries to go with the flow, not quite certain how things will turn out, but always open to possibilities.  The journey is part of the adventure.
Alejandro LemusAlejandro Lemus was born in Mexico City. A descendant of an artistic family, he is a third generation sculptor. Alejandro entered his father’s atelier at 11 years old, where he began sculpting and designing marionettes as his father and grandfather had done before him.  He also worked as a marionette restorer for The Children’s Theatre Center, and as an apprentice at the Fundidores Artisticos, a bronze foundry, while attending La Esmeralda School of Fine Arts, majoring in Sculpture.

Alejandro came to the US in 1984 to work as a figurative sculptor in New York City and to attend the prestigious Parson’s School of Design.  His reputation as a fine sculptor preceded him, and in a short time, he was designing and creating fine dolls and figurative sculptures for a number of leading companies like Lenox, The Franklin Mint, Bradford Exchange to name a few.

Since 1985 he has participated in solo and group exhibitions in New York City, Pennsylvania, and Mexico City.  In 1987 he moved to Chester County, PA where he has his home and studio and lives with his three pups Violeta, Claire, and Lola.  While he still continues sculpting for companies in the collectible market, he is also involved in creating his own work, which is being showcased in local galleries and in Mexico City.  In 2016 he started teaching Sculpture at the Chester County Art Center in West Chester, PA.

Karen Benco
Karen Benco has been painting in watercolor for over 20 years and has won numerous awards in juried and judged shows.  When she was younger, she took a few classes at Baum Art School and Barnstone Studios.  The Barnstone classes were tough, but they taught her that art takes a lot of discipline and drive.  In 2008 she gained signature status through the Philadelphia Watercolor Society and in 2009 the PA Watercolor Society.  Her work has been featured in “International Artist Magazine” several times,” Watercolor Magazine”, and two books – “Splash 11 – New Directions: The Best of Watercolor” and “Splash 13 – The Best of Watercolor: Alternative Approaches”.
When Karen began painting she focused on florals using flowers from her own garden and those she saw on trips to Longwood Garden.  At this time she has fallen in love with painting rocks,  water, and the designs that she sees in them.  She looks for how the water plays with the rocks in a reflection, seeing submerged rocks or the designs of the water flow.  Exploring the coasts when low tide is happening, will leave the normal picturesque images, looking a little dreary, so she tests herself and looks for something different and creative in the short time the that the rocks are exposed.
Jack Hanson
Jack Hanson was an aerospace physicist for 30 years and woodturning was his hobby for almost as long.  Since his retirement in 2000, he has been a more active craftsperson and has included woodcarving.  His training has been mainly woodturning symposia and personal experimentation.  Jack has been a juried member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen for about 30 years.  He has had turnings included in Fine Woodworking magazine and the American Woodturner Journal.
Ann Guidera-Matey
Ann Guidera-Matey is a contemporary impressionist painter whose landscapes elicit an emotional response.  using light, color, and texture, she leads the viewers into her paintings where they are invited to stay, take a deep breath and experience the moment.  Compositions are simple and direct.  Her primary medium is pastel. She enjoys pastels immediacy and finds the vibrant colors effective for conveying emotion.  Favorite places of inspiration include the Eastern Shore of Maryland, the New Jersey Shore, the Brandywine River Valley, and Hudson, New York. Recent trips to Ireland, France, and Italy have energized her work.  Ann has been working with pastels for approximately 25 years and like most artists, continues to be a student of art, taking classes with Master Pastelists – Liz Haywood Sullivan, Elizabeth Mowry, Terri Ford, and Toni Allain.  She is a Member of the Pastel Society of America, Signature Member of the Maryland Pastel Society and a Member of the Salmagundi Club in New York City.  She lives in Rose Valley, Pennsylvania with her husband Ed.
Jack Giangiulio
Jack Giangiulio’s artistic goal is to distort reality. In this effort, he uses a multitude of colors, shapes, and forms. His palette does not conform to what is perceived in real life, but from what drives his creativity.   “I try to paint with dominant colors but not your typical colors,” Giangiulio said. “I look for shapes, nothing is ever straight. This is my effort to distort reality to the point you think about it.”  Jack grew up in Delaware County but has resided in Chester County for the past 20 years.  His watercolors reflect his observations from the New Jersey shore to the rural areas of Chester County and beyond.  His work ranges from semi-representational to abstract and everything in between.
Joe Milligan
Brushwork – the artistic application of color that invokes texture, mood, shadow, value, emotion.  Art reflects life, the smell of salt air, the roughness of weathered wood, warm sand on a late Autumn afternoon, the feel of the brush, the wetness of the paint.
Art evokes emotion – a connection to a time and place, the safe-haven of home, the nervous energy of a storm at sea, the peacefulness of an empty shore.  Art stimulates a visualized personal story, memories of vacation, the beach after the tourists are gone, a quiet time with your love.  Joe’s hope is that others are struck emotionally by his art, that they establish their own personal connection to the subjects, the colors, and the brushwork.



Gallery Opening · New Show · Square Pear Gallery · 200 E. State Street
New Gallery Opening ·  Rusty Nelson Photography Gallery · 210 E. State Street
Open Artist Studio · April Healther Art · 200 E. State Street
Open Artist Studio · Trover Nine Studio ·  Peter Willard · 105 S. Broad Street
Open Artist Studio · Robert Jackson · 204 E. State Street
Live Music from Kennett Symphony · On the Sidewalk of 100 & 200 blocks of E. State Street
Sheridan Lawyers featuring the art of Trisha Mae · 116 S. Broad Street
Marché  · 123 E. State Street · showcasing local artists -Ellen Catanzaro, Carol Bassett, Gordon Carlisle and Katee Boyle – International artist- Orfeo Quaqliata , Kelly O’Neal, Kader Boly, and Susan Hable

Weaving Workshop · 6:30-9 PM · Clean Slate Goods · 108 N. Union · Click Here for More Information 

Looking for an activity for your kids while you Shop, Dine, Stroll, Sip and enjoy the Art Stroll? 

Drop your kids at the Kennett Library for the Friday night Arcade:

THE ARCADE! (4 – 12 grade) (Friday, June 7th, 6 – 9PM) Join us for a fun arcade night at the library. The library will transform into an after-hours arcade with lots of video games to choose from. 4th – 12th grades welcome.