Art Stroll

Kennett Square’s Art Stroll is a monthly celebration of the local art scene as it is showcased in the galleries, shops and restaurants throughout town.  Residents and visitors alike are encouraged to stroll the tree-lined streets and browse the many businesses that stay open late.  The Art Stroll runs from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on the first Friday of each month.

AFTER 5 p.m. on Friday, enjoy free parking anywhere in the PARKING GARAGE and at any street meter.

For more information about the art scene in Kennett Square check out the KennettArts facebook page.

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SQUARE PEAR GALLERY (formerly Mala Galleria) Opening Reception for “The Colors of Summer”

Please join us for First Friday Art Stroll on August 3rd from 6-9pm

“The Colors of Summer”

Patricia Walkar
Patricia Walker’s silks are unique, both for the medium and for their brilliant coloration.  Patricia uses imported white silks and dyes, wax resist, and steam setting to create the fluid and organic images well-suited for depicting florals.  Her use of a collage method with some pieces creates depth in semi-transparent shapes that emerge from “behind” spaces in the painting. Her artistic skills are broad, and in addition to silk paintings, include pastel portraits, landscapes, still life oils, and watercolor abstracts. She has received awards from juried art organizations and art festivals and has had opportunities to lecture and present workshops to artists groups.  Her paintings are included in private collections and most recently in hospitals and other public spaces.
Patricia is celebrating her nineteenth year of public showings, and she is grateful for the continuing enthusiasm and support of her patrons.

Dave Eldreth

Dave’s work has evolved from realism to impressionism, and now to a semi-abstract style, appealing to an emotional response rather than the subjective.  He makes simple expressions of more complex emotions, expressing the inexpressible – similar to haiku. The essence of the work is between the canvas and the viewer.  Some work has a soothing mystical, or ethereal appeal, while others are more experimental color studies.  All of David’s work is untitled, allowing individuals to relate to them to their own sensibilities.

Matiko Mamaladze
Matiko Mamaladze creates art.  She also teaches it, feels it, breathes it, dreams it, and finds herself in it.  Raised in a family as richly saturated in art as her paintings are in color, this passion was almost inevitable.  Her works are enchanting on many levels; they depict beautiful, emotionally vivid stories, played out by characters that masterfully draw empathy from the viewer.  Even when she isn’t holding a palette and brush (or just as often, a palette knife), Matiko is immersed in her unique perception of the world – a perception that almost always finds its way onto her unique canvases.
Parnaos Surabischwili
Paranaos Surabischwili is an award-winning artist, painter, and decorator.  He obtained his Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.  He has received several awards for his work and his paintings are in private collections around the world.
Lauren Litwa
Lauren Litwa is a lifelong painter who graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts where she won the William Emlen Cresson Traveling Scholarship Award. She has exhibited her paintings extensively in galleries and museums including The Delaware Art Museum, The Noyes Museum, The Delaware Center for Contemporary Art and The American Embassy in Brussels, Belgium. She has received numerous awards for her distinctive paintings including the Purchase Award and First Prize for painting from The PA State Museum in Harrisburg, PA.  She is the recipient of The Elizabeth Greenshields Grant from Canada and has attended residencies at the Margo-Kelb Dune Shack in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and La Villa Arrigo in Florence, Italy.“I have a deep love of the natural world and find spiritual inspiration by spending time in the woods, at the beach and hiking in the mountains. Wildlife and nature become a part of my expression which flows through me onto the canvas. My dreams & imagination aid me in creating a surreal-like lyrical world, one filled with color, joy and a concern for the health of our beautiful earth.” – Lauren Litwa
Lidia Kohutiak
Lidia Kohutiak is a Philadephia artist who currently resides in Haverford, PA.
She was born in Ukraine and spent her early years in Europe and South America before arriving in the United States.   She has a Masters’ Degree in French literature with emphasis on literary analysis and criticism, but was always fascinated by art.  From an early age she was attracted to drawing and painting.  Visiting museums and galleries became an inspiration for developing a passion for artistic expression.
She has exhibited in a number of solo, juried and invitational exhibitions.  She paints quickly in a loose and painterly style with emphasis on light and color.  She finds beauty and poetry in nature, in human faces, and in the human condition.
Ann Guidera-Matey
Ann Guidera-Matey is a contemporary impressionist painter whose landscapes elicit an emotional response.  Using light, color and texture, she leads the viewers into her paintings where they are invited to stay, take a deep breath and experience the moment.  Compositions are simple and direct.  Her primary medium is pastel.  She enjoys pastels immediacy and finds the vibrant colors effective for conveying emotion.  She applies her pastel to a panel that is under painted with acrylic and then primed with a pumice gel mixture that provides texture.  Favorite places of inspiration include the Eastern Shore of Maryland, the New Jersey Shore, the Brandywine River Valley and Hudson, New York.  Recent trips to Ireland, France, and Italy have energized her work.
Ann has been working with pastels for approximately 25 years and like most artists, continues to be a student of art, taking classes with Master pastelists – Liz Haywood Sullivan, Elizabeth Mowry, Terri Ford, and Toni Allain.  After raising her family and leaving a position in arts administration in 2015, she has been able to pursue her passion for pastels full-time.  She is a member of the Pastel Society of America, Signature member of the Maryland Pastel Society and a Member of the Salmagundi Club in New York City.  She lives in Rose Valley, Pennsylvania with her husband, Ed.
Kathryn E. Noska
Kathryn’s motto, “Take Time to Find the Unseen” is realized through Symbolism, the language of her art.  She explores deeper meanings of things which she brings to light by faithfully representing the seen, exterior of objects while revealing an internal, unseen spirit, thus transcending reality.
She paints symbolic scenes of nature in sacred geometry portals where an animal or other element beckons entrance into a mythic landscape.  For her, numbers and geometric shapes have mystical qualities that represent the beauty, harmony, and system of order found in nature. Inspired by nature, and having an offbeat frame of mind is evidenced by her compositions expressing metaphoric tales.  Her pieces stand on their own, but also contain deep symbolism which she interprets when finished, to determine the title.
Passion for highly detailed and finely blended rich colors, along with multiple chemical sensitivities, influenced her artistic path and choice of media.


Enjoy the dramatic photographs of Rusty Nelson at KSI Crafts this First Friday. Rusty, awarded Photographer of the Year in Los Angles and Storm Chasing Photography Guide just moved to Kennett Square from Los Angeles and will be displaying an eclectic sampling of his photography.  Rusty has a saying that “My Camera is My Best Excuse for Adventure” and these images surely reflect it. 




Looking for an activity for your kids while you Shop, Dine, Stroll, Sip and enjoy the Art Stroll?  Drop your kids at the Kennett Library for the Friday night Arcade: