Art Stroll

Kennett Square’s Art Stroll is a monthly celebration of the local art scene as it is showcased in the galleries, shops and restaurants throughout town.  The Art Stroll runs from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on the first Friday of each month.

AFTER 5 p.m. on Friday, enjoy free parking anywhere in the PARKING GARAGE and at any street meter.

For more information about the art scene in Kennett Square check out the KennettArts facebook page.



Please join us for First Friday Art Stroll February 1st from 6-9 pm
“Food, Wine and Good Times”

We are excited to announce that the Al Moretti Trio will be playing in the gallery during the opening reception with “Blues Man” Dane Tilghman!
Al Moretti
Al Moretti is a painting jazz musician, trumpeter, and composer.  His musical experiences influence his subjects and style.  Moretti aims to merge the language, theory, form, structure, and feeling of musical composition into his painting  “When I play music I think of color and when I paint I think of sound.  Sound is light heard, and light is sound seen.”  Though his musical and artistic accomplishments stretch back into the 1970s, Moretti is creating exciting new works in acrylic medium, painting musical icons and themes that have influenced his life and career.
Kyle Whary
Kyle Whary paints what inspires him.  Whether it be lights, reflections, people, pets, color, or places.  His wine and spirits paintings are an exploration of color, light, and reflection.  They also represent meaningful moments, romance and celebration. Each painting begins as a photographed still life although the background and reflections are all created with his imagination.  Kyle also prefers the tactile nature of painting with his fingers. He reserves the use of the brush for fine details.  His goal is to bring to life the play of light and reflection coming through in the glasses and bottles, bringing forth the details we may tend to overlook.  He himself first took notice of those details while working at a wine tasting room in West Chester.  Kyle states, “ The combination of light, color, and reflection allow me to paint in an almost abstract way.  I try to provide the viewer with many different areas to find aesthetic pleasure.”
Dane Tilghman
Dane has been a full-time artist for 36 years and has created over 6000 original works.   He works from old black-and-white photography, using primarily family images, and creates with pencils and paint.  Another medium he has worked in is watercolor.  Using watercolor he has paint landscapes and very intricate paintings of rocks, water, and leaves, these paintings would take up to 150 hours to complete.  For the past 17 years, Dane has been working with acrylic paint which allows him to create artwork in four different styles – realism, cubism, his elongated style which he calls tall tale art and impressionism.  He paints landscapes, blues, Americana, baseball, and jazz. Dane has enjoyed the process of creating using paints and pencils.  He is now 61 years old and plans on painting until he’s 99.  He says he has been fortunate enough to be a full-time artist for all of his career only because of God’s grace.
Jeff Schaller
Jeff Schaller paints using things that already exist, this is what feels true to him. He needs to reflect on culture, past, and present, as an arbiter of interpretation. Others have created and have only touched on, merely scratched the surface. Jeff then explores the subtle nuances of language and life. Jeff needs to explore, as he begins to paint, he lets his mind wander into a free association. He defines his oeuvre with compositions, which are provocative and whimsical. It is his intent to propel the viewer into scenes of seemingly unrelated subjects, contained within captivating and complex sonatas. The simultaneous expressions are pop and edgy, esoteric and direct, unrelated and curiously similar, creating a visual language of paradox and juxtaposition. Jeff wants to provoke an emotional response from the viewer.
Kim Hoechst
Kim Hoechst began painting in 2006 when she decided to leave a corporate marketing career to do what she had always wanted to do — attend art school.  She began by taking classes at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and was accepted into PAFA’s Certificate Program with a Merit Scholarship.
Kim now maintains a studio at Spring City Mill Studios in northern Chester County.  She is inspired by the interplay of light and shadow, and portraying this yin and yang is central to her work. Her paintings encompass a range of genres, but light and shadow are her true subject. Kim works mainly in oils because she loves their vibrancy and durability.  She uses a variety of surfaces such as copper, zinc, wood, and linen to optimally capture the light based on the composition and subject of each work.
Kim has participated in many juried shows and exhibitions in and around Philadelphia including PAFA, the Philadelphia Sketch Club, local art centers and the Delaware, Chester and Montgomery County Studio Tours.  She is on the Exhibitions Committee of the Wallingford CAC and a member of the Da Vinci Art Alliance.
Michael Buszko
Michael Buszko chases and captures dramatic moments of light and color. He explains, “In the morning strong sunlight shines through my kitchen window. This light brings the brightest highlights and casts long deep shadows.  It doesn’t last long, so there is a mad dash to set up a still-life, photograph reference, and maybe create a quick sketch. I tend to be drawn towards reflective or glass objects as the primary subject and they are usually accompanied by pieces of color. The combination of all these elements and the way they play off of one another are a starting point and inspiration of my work.”
Michael’s work is strongly representational. He has a fascination for painting complex details, patterns, surfaces, and a dramatic play of light and color. Watercolor is an unforgiving unpredictable medium but he enjoys the challenge of trying to control it. He builds up thin transparent layers gradually rendering depth and atmosphere into flat initial shapes. He takes joy in the entire creative process and is always surprised by the end result.
Jack Hanson
Jack Hanson was an aerospace physicist for 30 years and woodturning was his hobby for almost as long.  Since his retirement in 2000, he has been a more active craftsperson and has included woodcarving.  His training has been mainly woodturning symposia and personal experimentation.  Jack has been a juried member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen for about 30 years.  He has had turnings included in Fine Woodworking magazine and the American Woodturner Journal.


KSI CRAFTS Enjoy the dramatic photographs of Rusty Nelson at KSI Crafts this First Friday. Rusty, awarded Photographer of the Year in Los Angles and Storm Chasing Photography Guide just moved to Kennett Square from Los Angeles and will be displaying an eclectic sampling of his photography.  Rusty has a saying that “My Camera is My Best Excuse for Adventure” and these images surely reflect it. 




Looking for an activity for your kids while you Shop, Dine, Stroll, Sip and enjoy the Art Stroll? BOTH ARCADE AND ART SPLASH HAVE BEEN CANCELED ON FEBRUARY 1st DUE TO COLD AND ICY WEATHER

Drop your kids at the Kennett Library for the Friday night Arcade:

CANCELED DUE TO WINTER WEATHER-THE ARCADE! (4th – 12th grade) (Friday, Feb. 1st, 6 – 9PM) Join us for a fun arcade night at the library. The library will transform into an after-hours arcade with lots of videogames to choose from. 4th – 12th grades welcome.

All kids in grades K through 6 are invited to join us on Friday, February 1st, from 6 to 8:15 p.m. for our Valentine’s Day-themed First Friday Arts Splash! Parents, drop off the kids at PCKS (the Presbyterian Church of Kennett Square at 211 S. Broad Street) and enjoy two hours of art, dining, and shopping during Historic Kennett Square’s First Friday Art Stroll. The kids will enjoy dinner, games, music, dance, and arts activities. There’s no cost, but spaces are limited and preregistration is required. If you’d like to reserve a place for your child or have any questions, please email Tara Smith, Director of Children’s Ministry, at