Art Stroll

Kennett Square’s Art Stroll is a monthly celebration of the local art scene as it is showcased in the galleries, shops and restaurants throughout town.  Residents and visitors alike are encouraged to stroll the tree-lined streets and browse the many businesses that stay open late.  The Art Stroll runs from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on the first Friday of each month.

AFTER 5 p.m. on Friday, enjoy free parking anywhere in the PARKING GARAGE and at any street meter.

For more information about the art scene in Kennett Square check out the KennettArts facebook page.



Please join us for First Friday Art Stroll on
October 5th from 6-9 pm

Woody Patterson

An abandoned skating rink is where Woody’s art began its metamorphosis. It is where, he believes, he discovered his true potential as an artist. A space, once filled with life and youth had, years before, transformed into a spiritless, stagnant warehouse filled with circuit boards, electronic wire, radios, computers and everything in between.  The remnants of a long gone out of business electronics company. In the process of organizing he came to the realization that the materials and objects he was sorting through were, in fact, artifacts, and that technology is as temporary, as ephemeral as any artistic idea. At this point, he set about collecting the unconventional materials and began exploring ways in which he could wed them with his art and make them more relevant and current. At the time, he didn’t realize the huge impact the bin-bound refuse would have on his creative process. As he engaged with these technology-related items, it was evident that the items required a different approach. The nature of the materials forced him to adjust his process from that of a conventional painter to that of an innovator, designer, and problem-solver. This challenge was familiar from his previous career in advertising and graphic design, where every client required a fresh approach. In time, by looking inward and embracing what his life experiences and natural talents had to offer, he engineered his own method of creation. Patterson believes that incorporating these unconventional items into his art was the vehicle that activated his best creative traits, and he believes, is the reason that his work has become so unique and compelling. It may sound cliche, but he thinks the key to his success as a creator was finding himself. His innovative inlay process includes various metals, electronic textures with bands of acrylic pigment.

Robert Jenkins – Insects
As a child, Robert can remember being fascinated with his uncle’s collection of rare moths and how each moth seemed as if it were suspended in air inside the shadow box displays. When he decided to experiment with three-dimensional painting, it seemed like a natural fit to use various insects as his subject matter. In creating a three-dimensional image, he felt that it was important to keep the subject matter relatively simple to amplify the details that may have been neglected in a two dimensional image. By painting the insects on a transparent surface it allows the viewer to notice the intricate details that make each insect unique.
Robert Jenkins – Industrial interiors
Beauty in the sublime has become the subject matter that has surrounded Robert’s watercolor paintings.  Robert’s work enlivens deteriorated, decayed and abandoned buildings most would shun or fear.  Illumination, earthy darkness, textures, and structural patterns combine to create a sense of presence in these places.  Beauty is defined in these works in a way that most viewers would not recognize as aesthetically pleasing at first assessment or what society has traditionally labeled as beautiful.
Peter Saenger

When Peter works he is curious, wondering where, and what, the journey ahead will lead to. He is happy to be moved forward by the uncertainty of creating from plans felt, not drawn, energized to work toward the kiln opening, when the imagined becomes real.

Now is Peter’s time to make what he wants to make, after a lifetime in ceramic design and production clay work. He loves the thrill of an idea and the adventure of plotting a path to completion – wherever it leads – repeatedly responding to the internal query “what happens if?” and trusting that questing after that question is the path forward.

It is a distinct pleasure to return to Chester County, the early home of our pottery.

John Baker
In both vessels and wall pieces, John likes to design a quiet rhythmic energy often associated with the feeling of landscapes that are influenced through travel. Subtle changes within color and textures aid the viewer in seeing something new each time.John Baker received his Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Delaware, studied at the University of the Arts and earned his Bachelors of Arts from West Chester University. He had been a Professor of Art at West Chester University from 1974 to 2015. He had also been chair of the Department of Art & Design and gallery director for the past 20 years.  His own art work has been exhibited in over 100 international, national and regional exhibitions. He is represented in private, corporate and museum collections. Selected collections include; The University Museum, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Delaware Art Museum, Sumitomo USA, AT&T, MBNA America, Capital University, Beijing, China.

KSI CRAFTS Enjoy the dramatic photographs of Rusty Nelson at KSI Crafts this First Friday. Rusty, awarded Photographer of the Year in Los Angles and Storm Chasing Photography Guide just moved to Kennett Square from Los Angeles and will be displaying an eclectic sampling of his photography.  Rusty has a saying that “My Camera is My Best Excuse for Adventure” and these images surely reflect it. 


Looking for an activity for your kids while you Shop, Dine, Stroll, Sip and enjoy the Art Stroll?  Drop your kids at the Kennett Library for the Friday night Arcade:

First Friday Arts Splash for Kids!
All kids in grades K through 6 are invited to join us on Friday, October 5th, from 6 to 8:15 p.m. for our first First Friday Arts Splash of the school year! Parents, drop off the kids at PCKS (the Presbyterian Church of Kennett Square at 211 S. Broad Street) and enjoy two hours of art, dining, and shopping during Historic Kennett Square’s First Friday Art Stroll. The kids will enjoy dinner, games, music, science, and arts activities. There’s no cost, but spaces are limited and preregistration is required. If you’d like to reserve a place for your child or have any questions, please email Tara Smith, Director of Children’s Ministry, at


THE ACT PLAYERS  will be strolling through out the Art Stroll promoting their upcoming performance of Sweeney Todd.