Arthur Hall Insurance leadership team (l. to r.): Senior Vice President Glenn D. Burcham, CIC, CRM; Operations Manager Karen L. Leary, CIC, CISR; President James S. Denham, CPCU, CIC; Vice President Nicole C. Grebloskie, CAPI, CIC, CISR; Vice President Mark D. Sammarone, CIC, CISR; Vice President Josh Isler, CIC.


Accidents happen, and the last thing anyone wants to deal with in a crisis is a maze of incomprehensible paperwork and Monday-morning-quarterback regrets about insufficient insurance coverage. At Arthur Hall Insurance, taking the time to understand the unique needs, goals, and priorities of their clients is the key to offering the best insurance coverage—and peace of mind—for each client. Their clients include companies of all sizes with different levels of complexity and not-for-profit organizations as well as individuals and families. The firm is recognized as one of the leading agencies in the region for not only traditional insurance programs but also several niche practice areas such as Cyber Risk, Information Destruction, Education, Craft Food and Beverage, and Municipal Authorities. As in any business, it’s the passionate, knowledgeable people offering these services who make the difference.

When Agency Principal and Personal Lines Vice President Nicole Grebloskie first joined Arthur Hall Insurance in 1998, her plan was to work for a year to save money before going back to school to obtain her master’s degree and become a professor. Twenty-two years later, she laughs as she describes her experience writing a training manual for their newly computerized agency management system and bringing it in to the office on a floppy disk. “I came into the agency at the right time for me,” she says. The insurance industry was transitioning technology platforms, and Grebloskie realized a training manual was just like a lesson plan. She knew she was a teacher at heart, and gradually she realized she’d found her calling. “One of the great things about insurance,” Grebloskie says, “is that it’s constantly changing—whether it’s a simple question or a complex risk. Everyone’s situation is unique, and our goal is to provide options so our customers can make informed decisions.”



Arthur Hall Insurance agents are both advisors and advocates. In addition to their knowledge and expertise, the connection they establish with every client, Grebloskie says, is what sets Arthur Hall Insurance apart. “In a world of impersonal 800 numbers and instant online quotes, the personal touch and professionalism are becoming less common. Many insurance questions often raise issues that are not simple, and it’s critical to take the time to think them through, present possible risk exposures, and research the best options. We represent over 30 different insurance companies, which allows us to create and customize insurance programs to meet every individual’s needs.” The agency also places great value on continuing education, and most agents have one or more professional designations and are consistently working towards increasing their professional development.

Taking the time to listen, to review and personalize policies, and to be proactive in a client’s best interest is critical. “At Arthur Hall Insurance, everything begins with a conversation,” says Marketing Representative Cynthia Chmelewski. “Our agents get to know our clients well so they understand what they need. It’s a consultative approach.” Having informed conversations, and even considering questions and issues in the larger context of what’s happening in the insurance industry, is important. “Our clients really appreciate that extra level of care and concern,” Chmelewski says. These agent-client relationships are so integral to what Arthur Hall Insurance does that the first part of their mission statement reads: “Our team will always value our strong relationships with our clients and carriers” and “advocate on behalf of every client.”

Another distinctive at Arthur Hall Insurance is the claims process. The agency employs two full-time claims advocates, who dedicate their time to working with clients and assisting with the claims process. “Otherwise,” says Grebloskie, “the client is left to navigate the insurance world on their own—which is difficult at the best of times. Our advocates work with company partners, adjusters, and restoration companies to make sure our clients realize a fair result when losses occur.”

Representatives from Arthur Hall Insurance, Westfield Insurance Foundation, and The Arc of Chester County.

In the Community, for the Community

Arthur C. Hall, Jr. started the company in West Chester in 1966. Arthur Hall Insurance has expanded over the past half century and now also has offices in Wilmington, Delaware and is licensed in 47 states. The agency’s focus on client relationships and community support remains strong under the current leadership team. Agency principals James Denham, Glenn Burcham, Mark Sammarone, Nicole Grebloskie, Karen Leary, and Joshua Isler share ownership. The group has transitioned the business to assure long-term viability as an independent agency while maintaining the close community relationships that helped establish the firm.

The supportive team culture at Arthur Hall Insurance also fosters this excellence. “Our team collaborates and supports each other,” Grebloskie says. “Even if I don’t have the expertise in a certain area, someone on the team will.” Employee longevity is high, and client feedback reflects the values the company works hard to cultivate. Clients consistently give Arthur Hall Insurance high marks for professional and caring customer service, responsiveness, and advocacy. “I am a name, not a policy number,” said one client. “Even the receptionist knows who I am and who my advisor is.” If someone’s primary advisor happens to be unavailable when a client calls, another agent on the team is always able and willing to assist.

This team approach carries over into the company’s work in the community, too. “It’s very important to all of the partners and employees to give back to the community and to volunteer their own time as well,” Grebloskie says. The agency principals continue to foster the spirit of volunteerism by pledging to support employees as they engage with the causes and nonprofit organizations that are important to them. A wide variety of area community groups benefit from the support of Arthur Hall Insurance and its employees, including the YMCA, LCH, The Arc of Chester County, the United Way, and Historic Kennett Square.

Arthur Hall Insurance is a corporate sponsor of Historic Kennett Square’s Kennett Blooms program. The South Broad Street parklet, shown here, is a Kennett Blooms project. (Photo: Braxton Blomgren @_braxtons.nature.photography_)

Grebloskie, who has been an active resident in the Kennett Square community for many years, is a particular champion of Historic Kennett Square’s programs, including their new “Kennett Blooms” horticultural and placemaking initiative and the Kennett Square Farmers Market. She started volunteering at Historic Kennett Square 20 years ago. She was a member of the fundraising and Brewfest committees and also served as vice president and president of the Board of Directors. Grebloskie loves living in a walkable town where she and her family can shop and dine. She enjoys walking into town to support local businesses and restaurants and buying what she needs for the week directly from the growers and producers at the farmers market.

“Arthur Hall Insurance has been unfailingly generous in its support of our local community over the years through gifts to support HKS programs including Third Thursdays, the Kennett Square Farmers Market, and Kennett Blooms,” says Historic Kennett Square’s Executive Director Bo Wright. “We’re also grateful for Nicole, who has served on the HKS Board of Directors and has invested a lot of her time over the years volunteering with our Brewfest and Winterfest fundraisers and other initiatives. The time that she and others devote to area nonprofits makes Arthur Hall Insurance a true community partner.”

Thanks in part to generous sponsors like Arthur Hall Insurance, the KSQ Farmers Market was able to continue operating throughout the COVID-19 shutdowns and is now back for the regular 2021 weekly season, stronger than ever.

Arthur Hall Insurance’s community support also contributes to the larger goal of regional economic development, Wright says. “Arthur Hall Insurance’s model, of investing in the communities they serve to benefit all residents and local businesses, is one we’re encouraging other companies to consider. HKS creates events and programs that make Kennett thrive, and everyone benefits when we have a strong and vibrant community where employees and clients enjoy working, living, and playing.”

Grebloskie agrees. “If we can support local businesses and our community, we can all help each other grow, both personally and professionally,” she says.

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