Memorial Day Parade Wrap up collage

Monday’s Memorial Day Parade showed off the very best of Kennett Square. Thank you to all the participants, spectators, sponsors and organizers. The parade was bigger and better than ever. What a perfect way to spend the holiday and honor those who have served our country.

A special thank you to Bill Taylor–the man behind the parade. His efforts are much appreciated, which was obvious from the enthusiastic cheers and large turn out at this year’s parade.  The picture collage above features the Grand Marshalls’ of the parade all WWII veterans, organizer Bill Taylor in middle and Governor Tom Corbett, who also took part in the parade (pictures courtesy of Christine Beans DeHaven-Taylor)

It is particularly meaningful that Kennett can host an event where the real purpose of the Memorial Day holiday rings out proud and true. To quote and share a facebook post from Kennett resident Doug:

So, of everything awesome about the Kennett parade today, this was the best. This veteran saluted every single military personnel who came by. And it wasn’t just a salute, it was a heartfelt, “I am acknowledging YOU for your service” salute. I’m so glad he stood in front of my house, that was wonderful to watch.

Veteran Salute

To view pictures from the parade go to the Historic Kennett Square Facebook Album.

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